The Naphas are a legendary race. They are known to be native to the swamp plains in the south and southeast of Lyboria. The rest of Lyboria's residents know little about the sovereign race and their unique but also dangerous homeland.

The water snake Naphas is their deity and creator. According to tradition, the "Five First" were the first of their kind. They are all children of the water snake Naphas. Nevertheless, the individual genres stand out from each other through unique features.


The genera differ not only in their outward appearance, but also in their characteristics. The Naphas are among the most biodiverse races in Lyboria.


Sizahlas, land of the Naphas

Sizahlas, the land of diversity. Its located in the south-east of Lyboria and has the easternmost and southernmost point of this wonderful world. It is the largest part of Lyboria and the home of the Naphas. Sizahlas has such a variety of habitats, plants and animals like no other land. It stretches from the south coast along the east coast up to the realm of the arachnids. Inland it borders on the realm of the Tagari.

The northern or northeastern part of the country has a rather temperate climate with a lot of rainy days and dense fog. If you roam the country southwards, you will quickly find a tropical climate in the interior of the country. A dense jungle with gigantic trees known as Bazo Jungle separates the southern and northern parts of Sizahlas from each other. 

If you walk further west, you will notice another drastic climate change relatively quickly. That's where the big fungal savannah is located. Dried-out giant mushrooms, also called dry mushtrees, adorn this bare area. In the south, however, healthy and lively mushtrees form the well-known fungal wood. Together they form the fungal region.

South of it is only the saza reef. The water there has numerous crystal-clear shades of blue and on the endless rocks that protrude from the water there is an astonishing variety of plants.

Outside the fungal region and below the Myrwal Bay is the drowned land. It consists of saw grass marshes and mangrove forests dominated by wetlands. It is home to endangered, rare, and exotic wildlife.

game characteristics

The Naphas are extremely resistant to all types of poison and illness.


Furthermore, most of them wear silver and gold armor above their scales, which makes them very hard to overcome but also quite slow.


Compared to the other races the Naphas form large troops fairly rare.