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The Naphas are indeed a people of legend. It is known that they live in the marshy plains in the east of the country. Apart from that, we have little knowledge of these independent, lizard-like creatures.


Unlike in the case of the rest of Lyboria's inhabitants, most of our information regarding this species comes from myth and legend. The Naphas people draw their name from Naphas the water snake, their deity and creator figure. According to legend, the ‘first five’ were the first of their species. All sprang from the womb of Naphas, the water snake.


Each individual species is distinguished from the others by certain unique characteristics – not only in appearance, but also in social behaviour and other mental abilities.

about the           naphas


Chameleons, Turtles, Crocodiles, Snakes & Dragons

game characteristics

The Naphas are extremely resistant to all types of poison and illness. Furthermore, most of them wear silver and gold armor above their scales, which makes them very hard to overcome but also quite slow. Compared to the other races the Naphas form large troops fairly rare.

35 + Unique character cards