The Nordur are a tenacious and brave humanoid race. The breath-taking surroundings of the north are their home. The Nordur place great importance on their mythology, legends and sagas.


They draw lessons from those tales and use them as a moral compass. As is set out in their mythology, they pay homage to Hrulf, the ice giant, who they believe to be the creator of their kingdom and their forefather.  Elgur the Elk is the intermediary between man and forefather.


There are also the glorious ancestors who are regarded as half-gods due to their noble exploits. Their belief leads the Nordur to strive for the status of half-god themselves by doing great deeds.


The idea of breaking bread at Hrulfheim hall with the pantheon after they have passed from this world makes their hearts soar.

Lifarsland, Kingdom of the NOrdur

Lifarsland is the northernmost country in Lyboria. It borders the Dark woods to the south and the realm of the Tagari to the west. The south of Lifarsland is known for its breathtaking late summer, where the magnificent forest landscapes provide a true natural spectacle. The maple trees are particularly numerous in this area.


The coldest area of Lifarsland is in the center of the country. Icy temperatures and tough living conditions prevail here. The country borders the sea to the north and east.


On the east coast, many beautiful coastal landscapes offer a view of the vast sea. But you should always keep an eye on the weather, because there can be violent storms.


On the north coast you can see how the impressive northern lights illuminate the many icebergs. Many large coniferous forests stretch through the north of Lifarsland, which then end shortly before the sea.


In the west of the country is the large mountain range, which offers a breathtaking panorama with its numerous peaks. 


game characteristics

Due to their living conditions, the Nordur are very robust and well trained in hunting. They deal considerable amount of damage with all kinds of weapons. Oftentimes these large man and women lack mobility.