The Tagari are a race that developed from the original animal inhabitants of the steppes in the centre of northern Lyboria. They have one or more tails, and sharp teeth and claws.


They worship their creator Tagarus and believe in reincarnation. Depending on their level of consciousness, the souls of the dead visit one of Tagarus's nine worlds before they are reincarnated. The number of tails on their physical body increases in line with their heightened consciousness.


They are semi-nomads, which makes their way of life very simple and modest. All of their cities were built in special places where it was possible to integrate nature strongly.


Realm of the Tagari

The realm of the Tagari is divided into 4 territories, each under the reign of one of the four clans.


The south of the realm borders with Sizahlas, the empire of the Naphas. The south is known for its hot climate and the endless grasslands.


In the west of the realm is the Land Of Red Pillars, where countless red rocks and pillars dominate the landscape.


In the center of the land are some large lakes, which together with the beautiful forests create a beautiful natural image.


In the east of the land, the Tagari border both on Lifarsland, the Kingdom of Nordur and the realm of the Arachnids.


In the north of the realm is the large Ice Mountain and the Ice Coast that extends to the western border.


game characteristics

They are characterized by high agility. Mostly they operate in small but very well coordinated packs. In order not to limit their naturally given properties, they forego most of the heavy armors, which makes them more vulnerable than other races.