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The Tagari are a people that developed from the original animal inhabitants of the steppes in the centre of northern Lyboria. Like their forefathers, they still have fur, one or more tails, and sharp teeth and claws.


They worship their creator Tagarus and believe in reincarnation. Depending on their level of consciousness, the souls of the dead visit one of Tagarus's nine worlds before they are reincarnated.


The number of tails on their physical body increases in line with their heightened consciousness. They lead a very simple life. Apart from a couple of mostly underground cities or extensive cave systems, most of them are nomads.

about the           Tagari


wolves, foxes, jackals & coyotes

game characteristics

They are characterized by high mobility and agility. Mostly they operate in small but very well coordinated packs. In order not to limit their naturally given properties, they forego most of the heavy armors, which makes them more vulnerable than other races.

35 + Unique character cards