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© 2018 by Paul Brothers GmbH


2-player strategical card game played in turns

new elements like movement, range & troop strength

choose 1 race & create your deck (Mixing races is not possible)


pick your hero, guardian and equipment before the battle starts

select your starting hand

Destroy your opponents fighting moral points to win the battle

how 2 play

  • blue player picks a Hero

  • red player picks a Hero

  • red player picks a Guardian

  • blue player picks a Guardian

  • Both players secretly select 3 of their equipment cards

  • Both players select their starting hand and shuffle again

  • red side begins

The game is played in turns. One turn consists of 3 phases:


Players place their cards

on the battlefield  


Move OR attack with your cards on the battlefield


Draw cards from your deck and prepare for your next turn


First turn only consist of Placing-Phase & Drawing-Phase - NO Action-Phase



Each player starts with 3 fight moral points.

The ultimate goal is to destroy all of your opponents fight moral.

This can be achieved in three different ways: ​ 

  • Destroy your opponents hero (-1 fight moral point)

  • Destroy your opponents guardian (-1 fight moral point)

  • Destroy 5 character-cards of your opponent (-1 fight moral point); mult. times possible


The battlefield is split in three zones.

The players zone (red or blue) and the neutral zone.

All hexagons are part of the battlefield and therefore sectors, where cards can be placed. In each hexagon, there is only space for one character-card except for identical cards (troops). Identical cards can be stacked, thus forming a troop.


The field in the middle of each player’s first row belongs to the guardian (1). The guardian is placed horizontal according to the mark. Each player starts the game with 3 fight moral points (2). In addition, there are 3 equipment cards (3) which are placed next to the battlefield. The deck (4) is placed to the player’s right. If characters fall, they will rest in peace at the graveyard (5).

Card  types


We have 2 different type of cards:

  • Character cards

  • Equipment cards

Character cards are split into 4 levels

  • Warrior

  • Vanguard

  • Master

  • Hero / Guardian

hero & guardian classes or effect types

Each race features 5 different guardian & hero classes.


This means that all races have 1 guardian and 1 hero per class available. All effects of the game are also referring to one of the 5 classes.