RAnking System



As a foundation, we have 

  • Elo-rating,

  • skill-levels

  • & experience (XP).

The skill level of a player is determined by his Elo.

Each player starts with 1000 Elo and a skill of 0.

Between every skill level there are 20 Elo.

1020 Elo means a skill level of 1.

There are 50 skill levels and thus the highest skill requires 2000 Elo or more.

For each game the player will be rewarded with experience (XP). 



There are 10 different ranks.

All ranks are determined by the player's experience. (XP)

Most ranks, especially the higher ones, require a certain skill level in addition to XP.

Ranks without skill requirement



0 xp

Apprentice_Grade 1.png
Apprentice_Grade 2.png
Apprentice_Grade 3.png


>= 100 xp

Journeyman_Grade 1.png
Journeyman_Grade 2.png
Journeyman_Grade 3.png
Journeyman_Grade 4.png


>= 750 xp

Ranks with skill requirement

Commander_Grade 1.png
Commander_Grade 2.png
Commander_Grade 3.png
Commander_Grade 4.png


skill 10 & >=1.000 xp

Strike Commander_Grade 1.png
Strike Commander_Grade 2.png
Strike Commander_Grade 3.png
Strike Commander_Grade 4.png


skill 20 & >= 2.000 xp

Seasoned Commander_Grade 1.png
Seasoned Commander_Grade 2.png
Seasoned Commander_Grade 3.png
Seasoned Commander_Grade 4.png

skill 30 & >= 4.000 xp

Conqueror_Grade 1.png
Conqueror_Grade 2.png
Conqueror_Grade 3.png
Great Conqueror_.png

skill 35 & >= 6.000 xp

Ruler_Grade 1.png
Ruler_Grade 2.png
Ruler_Grade 3.png
Grand Ruler_.png

skill 40 & >= 8.000 xp

Juggernaut_Grade 1.png
Juggernaut_Grade 2.png
Juggernaut_Grade 3.png
Apex Juggernaut_.png

skill 45 & >= 10.000 xp

Devourer_Grade 1.png
Devourer_Grade 2.png
Devourer_Grade 3.png
Grand Devourer_.png

skill 50 & >= 15.000 xp

Seasoned Commander






What is it?

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor.

Our system

is based on the Elo system of chess.

The Elo gain or loss depends on 2 factors.

1. The average Elo of both players.

The further the average Elo of a game is from 1000 (the starting value), the smaller the Elo pool to be played. This applies to both, below and above 1000.

2. The Elo of your opponent.

In case both players have the same Elo, the amount of Elo the winner will take or the loser will lose is 50% of the Elo pool available for this specific game. If they don't have the same Elo:

- the player with higher Elo will win less and lose more than 50% of the Elo pool ultimately depending on how big the Elo difference between the two players is. 

- the player with lower Elo will win more and lose less than 50% of the Elo pool ultimately depending on how big the Elo difference between the two players is

The maximum Elo gap in a ranked battle is 300. This means the most extreme distribution of Elo per game is around 85%/15%.

Xp (experience)

Our system

For each win or loss due to 

  • Morale

  • Time

  • or Surrender

players will be rewarded with xp as follows:

  • Winner: 20 xp for the win, 5 additional xp if the game time exceeds 15 minutes, another 5 additional xp if the game time exceeds 20 minutes.

  • Loser: 10 xp

Quitting a game by closing the application and not using surrender will not be rewarded.