The Arachnids number among Lyboria’s oldest races. The mystical dark woods are their home. According to their mythology, they originated from a legendary tree, the shadow tree.


It is said that two creatures wrapped in cocoons hung from that tree and hatched on the first day of winter. One of those creatures was said to be a spider, the other a scorpion.


This mysterious tribe lives independently in its homeland, the dark woods, from which only a few of Lyboria's inhabitants have managed to escape alive. What makes this species special are the respective hierarchies. Whereas the spiders have a matriarchal society, it is the men who rule the roost amongst the scorpions.


The Dark Woods

Compared to the other races, the region of the Arachnids is very, very unknown. It is said that in the middle of their region there is a gigantic tree called the Shadow Tree.

There are numerous levels within the tree where the Arachnids live. But most of their population actually lives under the Shadow Tree in the so-called citadel.


An underground ring-shaped gigantic tunnel system with innumerable levels. This system extends from the middle of the tree to almost the edge of the Dark Woods. The closer to the surface and center of the citadel, the higher the rank. The lowest ranked creatures in each level live in outside tunnels.


Only a fraction of their population, the Aristocrats, live in the Shadow Tree. The same principle applies - the higher you live in the tree, the higher your social status.



More lore in works

The arachnids are still in development.

They are planned to be released as the next race.


Game characteristics

In terms of troop strength they outshine all the other races by ease. Even though they are not as robust and strong as many other races, their mobility and willingness to make sacrifices gets underrated often.